Fierce Women is a card game that promotes and inspires great contributions of women to society.

The Fierce Women card game consists of artsy portraits and concise narratives of 60 women’s significant contributions to the field of Culture, Science, Feminism, Human Rights and Art combined with a simple set of rules comprehensible to every generation.

We have created a visual identity that exhibits a powerful and energetic look while following the guidelines of a brand behind the card game.

Idea behind the logotype was to create a simple yet recognisable sign with a goal to portray women in all of their fiercefulness and strength. Inspired by those women we played with simple shapes to create a clear manifestation of a woman with an emphasis on the hair that represents their force.

Brand identity visuals were formed by playing with brand elements in many different ways therefore creating many vibrant and lively patterns and layouts.
Fierce Women - Play the equality card!

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