If you are new to writing visual art and want to learn how to do calligraphy and lettering this is the thing for you.
Or, if you’ve been doing letters for a while but you want to step up your game and learn some new styles – this Toolbox will totally help you out and will save you some time in between.

Whatever it is, if crafting letters makes your heart race – this is the stuff!
In this toolbox you will find everything you need to start practising lettering! From brushes to textures to practice sheets, fun exercises, ornaments, basic letter theory and much more.

Included in this set:

❥ 22 Lettering Brushes (3 Pencils, 7 Brush Pens , 5 Inkers, 3 Chalky Pastels and 4 Shaders)
❥ 55 Ornamental Brushes (Inlays and Florals)
❥ Over 130 pages Procreate Lettering Workbook and a PDF Printout version of Lettering Workbook
❥ 12 Colour Palettes
❥ An Easy-to-Follow PDF Installation Guide

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